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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance For Your Cats and Dogs

We've partnered with Corinium Insurances Services, with whom our policies and customer service has been designed to make pet insurance an experience that makes you feel your pets are truly cared for.

This is a Pet Insurance to help cover financial costs should your dog or cat, of which you are the owner and keeper, becomes ill or suffers from an accident. You have the option to choose the type of cover you need and level of benefit that is suitable for you.

We have made sure that your input has allowed us to create the policy that suits your pet best. Your little friend deserves to be looked after, so we offer exclusive benefits, services, and experiences to help you and your pet enjoy life to the full.

  • LIFETIME COVER for your dog or cat.
  • ACCIDENT ONLY COVER for your dog or cat.
  • VETERINARY FEES following an accident suffered by your dog or cat.
  • VETERINARY FEES following an illness suffered by your dog or cat.

Your Pet must be aged between 8 weeks old and up to 8 years old, on the date of purchasing this insurance Policy. Your Pet must not be used for breeding, working, guarding, track racing, coursing or used in connection with shooting i.e gundogs. Your Pet must not be a dog that is, or is crossed with, a Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Perro De Presa Canario (Dogo Canario), Japanese Tosa or a Fila Brasileiro, including any "type", as defined in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, considered to match the description of a prohibited "type"; any breed crossed with the above or the breeds as listed in the general exclusions section of this policy document and any other breed or type deemed to be dangerous by the Secretary of State and subsequently added to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Your dog must not have been the subject of any complaint to the police. This Policy is only available to You if You and Your Pet are permanently resident in the United Kingdom. Your dog must be microchipped. Your Pet must be registered at a United Kingdom Veterinary Practice on the Policy start date.

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This Pet Insurance Policy is underwritten ETU Forsikring A/S Registered Office: Hærvejen 8, DK-6230 Rødekro, Denmark are authorised and regulated by the Finanstilsynet (the Danish Financial Regulator). Their Finanstilsynet authorisation reference is 108873. As an Insurance Company authorised within the European Union, ETU Forsikring A/S is permitted to conduct business within the United Kingdom and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their UK Financial Conduct Authority authorisation number is 807534

Corinium Pet Insurance and Corinium Insurance Services are trading names and registered trade marks of Trent Services.