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Bicycle Insurance

Our partners specialist bicycle insurance gets you back on the road... fast.

They have a Feefo Gold Trusted Service Winner 2020. We'll make sure you enjoy your ride without having to worry about the bad stuff with instant cover for: Accidental Damage and Theft, both home and Worldwide.

With optional cover for Accessories, Replacement Cycle Hire, Cycle Rescue, Personal Accident and Legal Expenses you can tailor your policy to suit you!

Bicycle Insurance you can trust.

Being a victim of bike theft is a distressing and costly experience, as is coping with the burden of unexpected repair costs and inconvenience should you have an accident whilst out on the road.

Bicycle cover from CoverCloud is the perfect solution, with a comprehensive choice of cover options you can be instantly protected against a number of risks that can affect you and your bike when riding in the UK and Worldwide.

  • Theft & damage cover for bicycles up to £6,000.
  • New for old replacement if your bicycle is under 3 years old.
  • Worldwide cover as standard.
  • Optional Accessories cover.
  • Optional Replacement Cycle Hire cover.
  • Optional Cycle Rescue cover.
  • Optional Personal Accident cover.
  • Optional Legal Expenses cover.

All the cover you need:


Covers your bike when being used by you or even an immediate family member who lives with you.

Accidental and Malicious Damage

We will pay the cost of repairs if your bicycle is damaged as the result of an accident or malicious damage. If your bicycle is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement bicycle.

New-for-Old Replacement

We will pay for the cost of replacement as new providing the damaged cycle was not more than 3 years old at the date of loss and provided it was new when you purchased it.

Worldwide Cover as standard

Your cycle and accessories are covered worldwide against theft or accidental damage.

Optional Accessories Cover

Choose from £300, £600 or £900 optional cover for your bicycle accessories.

Optional Replacement Cycle Hire Cover

Choose from £500, £750 or £1000 optional cover towards the hire of a replacement cycle.

Optional Roadside Recovery Cover

Our optional Cycle Rescue cover provides roadside recovery in the UK only if an incident occurs more than one mile from your home.

Optional Personal Accident Cover

Our optional Personal Accident cover provides a fixed lump-sum up to a maximum of £25,000 (if level 2 selected) in the event of an accident or death occurring whilst using your cycle.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

The most significant exclusions of this policy are set out below. There may be other exclusions that are significant to you or your cycle, so you need to check the policy document for full details.

This policy is for permanent residents of the United Kingdom and covers a cycle not exceeding £6,000 in value.

This policy does not provide Public Liability cover.

The cycle must not be left unattended away from your home for longer than 24 hours. When left unattended, it must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object.

If the cycle is in or on a vehicle, all doors, windows and other openings of the vehicle and cycle rack must be closed, securely locked and properly fastened.

Cycle Rescue is only available when cycling in the UK.

Cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

All prices include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%.