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Private Medical Insurance

What is private medical insurance?

A private medical insurance policy will pay some or all the cost of being treated privately. You can pay for private health insurance in annual or monthly instalments ('premiums'). What you are covered for depends on your policy.

There are different levels of cover so do check the policy details. You can choose a range of options that best suits your needs or simply choose a fully comprehensive policy that includes everything.

Do you already have health insurance?

If you do, switching from your existing provider may save you money without affecting what you are covered for. You can switch and save an average of 32% (based on an average saving of £703*).

Switching cover doesn't have to be complicated. Simply speak with an award-winning UK-based private health insurance team and get some advice.

To 'Switch' insurers our partners Assured Futures would need to understand your current policy and your previous history to check if you are eligible to switch. They have specialist advisors on hand to help.

Things you should know

If you've had previous claims, you can still switch and save, but some restrictions may apply if you have claimed recently. Talk to an advisor to find out more.

Are you new to private health insurance?

  • Avoid NHS waiting lists with UK private health insurance
  • Cover you or your family against any unexpected health conditions
  • Get quicker access to consultations, scans and treatment
  • Some policies offer FREE Digital GP video or telephone consultations
Please note - new policies will not normally cover pre-existing conditions.

Things you should know

Private Health Insurance covers the costs of diagnosis and treatment, but not emergency treatment or managing chronic conditions.

These policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions where you have had treatment, symptoms, advice, consultation or a check-up in the last 5 years. However, once 2 years have passed without any symptoms, advice and/or treatments, you can regain cover for these conditions.

What types of UK private health insurance are there?

The types of private medical insurance include:

  • Individual health insurance - protecting yourself
  • Family health insurance - protecting your whole family
  • Child - protecting your child
  • Joint health insurance - protecting you and your partner

Who can offer you a quote?

Assured Futures can offer UK private health insurance from these great brands: